We will define the work team that will develop the integral execution of your Hotel or Commercial Space. Our bet: the professionalization of our teams, defining work teams by brands or franchises, this is only achieved by investing in their own structure, eliminating any subcontracting process. We are currently the only construction company with exclusive specialization in Hotels and Comercial spaces that maintains the structure of the industrialists, which allows us to resolve conflicts with greater agility, a meticulous completion of the planing of work, very careful qualities and a deep knowledge of the needs and qualities of the brand or franchise. A subcontracting process does not allow a control of their work teams, we have resolved this with a greater professionalization of our structure with teams of professionals capable of working double shifts, at night, on holidays and maintaining an order and discipline impeccable. Our objectives: Extreme quality and meticulous compliance with the deadlines and dates foreseen.